Voss og fjordane Guide service

Our tour guides are trained to provide high quality guide services.

Tour guides from Voss og fjordane Guideservice AS. By Terje Nesthus.

They have completed our extensive educational program, which covers guide techniques, general and local knowledge connected to our geographic area. Therefore, in addition to history, geography and culture, they specialize in geology, fjord landscape, fauna and flora, in order to be experts on “The Fjord Kingdom” in Western Norway.

Our tour guides master languages, have good communication skills, focus on customer service and show great enthusiasm for this magnificent geographic area. Most of them have several years of experience.

We have about 80 tour guides covering the following languages: Norwegian, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Czech.

Tvinde Waterfall. By Terje Nesthus.

By Vangsvatnet, the lake in Voss. By Terje Nesthus.

Guide welcoming passengers by the bus at the pier in Flam. By Terje Nesthus.

Guide introducing himself and the driver, security instructions. By Terje Nesthus.

Guide talking to the passengers on the bus. By Terje Nesthus.

Cruise passengers getting on the Flam Railway. By Terje Nesthus.

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